You did find the link to this site. It's great to have you here!

This page does nothing but serve the purpose of why I choose the name for the website domain and also a nickname I'd use somewhere else on the internet. It's simple: everybody wants to be the best in the world. But as everybody also knows, no man can be a perfect man. You always have to compromise something to get the others, the mixture, and the balance of life. They once told me to be the man who can do both; who can get the best of both worlds. So I did:

This image (© Internet) amused me a lot that I decided to use website color palette based on its background color :)

But you are on, not The reason is that I couldn't afford the price which my domain provider offered. They were asking for $4,850 for that “premium” domain name, despite a much lower renewal rate. Awesome!

So here we are, at a relative cheap I hope you didn't mind typing an extra “o” to access the website.

That's pretty much it! Thank you for reading such meaningless information and have a great day! 😉